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Discussions on Load Shedding

Load shedding as a result of failures at the political-technological interface (Muller, Sep/Oct 2023)

Load shedding in South Africa: Another nail in income inequality? (Inglesi-Lotz, Sep/Oct 2023)

Liquified petroleum gas provides a technically viable and financially feasible means to reduce Eskom’s diesel cost burden by 30% to 40% (Clark & McGregor, Sep/Oct 2023)

The impact of the increasing residential battery backup systems on load shedding (Ritchie et al., Sep/Oct 2023)

Some real but mostly unconsidered costs hiding in the dark corners of load shedding (Booysen et al., Sep/Oct 2023)

Data gaps will leave scientists ‘in the dark’: How load shedding is obscuring our understanding of air quality (Wright et al., Sep/Oct 2023)

Resilience is not enough: The mental health impact of the ongoing energy crisis in South Africa (Marchetti-Mercer, Sep/Oct 2023)

Load shedding and mental health in South Africa: Methodological challenges of establishing causal links (Bantjes & Swartz, Sep/Oct 2023)

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Discussions on 4IR

Why there is no technological revolution, let alone a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (Moll, Jan/Feb 2023) 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived. Comments on Moll (S Afr J Sci. 2023;119(1/2), Art. #12916) (Marwala, Jan/Feb 2023)

Defining the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Comments on Moll (S Afr J Sci. 2023;119(1/2), Art. #12916) (Ntlatlapa, Jan/Feb 2023)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Conceptual paradox or catalyst for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? (Mbiza & Sinha, Jul/Aug 2023)

Revisiting how scientific research drives technological change: The Fifth Industrial Revolution (Callaghan, Jul/Aug 2023)

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Discussions on POPIA

Protecting personal information in research: Is a code of conduct the solution? (Thaldar et al., Mar/Apr 2021)

POPIA Code of Conduct for Research (Adams et al., May/Jun 2021)

Drafting a Code of Conduct for Research under the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 (Adams et al., May/Jun 2021)

The Protection of Personal Information Act and data de-identification (Swales, Jul/Aug 2021)

Why POPIA does not apply to DNA (Thaldar, Jul/Aug 2021))

Seven essential instruments for POPIA compliance in research involving children and adolescents in South Africa (Hertzog et al., Sep/Oct 2021)

Why research institutions should indemnify researchers against POPIA civil liability (Swales et al., Mar/Apr 2022)

Research and the meaning of ‘public interest’ in POPIA (Thaldar, Mar/Apr 2022)

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