Media mentions

26 October 2022 - UCT’s VC Phakeng cleared on bullying allegations, Cape Argus

23 October 2022 - Advisory panel says Phakengs accuser oversensitive, Weekend Argus - Sunday [Print]

05 June 2020 - UCT slates research paper by prof, says it is offensive to black people, TimesLIVE

05 June 2020 - Black Academic Caucus Disgust At Sciences Paper, The Daily Vox

05 June 2020 - 'Offensive to black people’ - UCT launches probe into Biological Sciences paper on black students, News24

05 June 2020 - UCT study on black students and biological sciences called 'racist, prejudicial', Independent Online

6 June 2020 - UCT prof at centre of race storm hits back, accuses varsity of ‘hatchet-job’ response, News24

7 June 2020 - UCT academic's research unleashes a wave of anger from critics accusing her of racism, TimesLIVE

7 June 2020 - UCT Prof defends vexed study on black students not studying biological sciences, Eyewitness News

8 June 2020 - The University of Cape Town (UCT) professor behind a study that sparked widespread debate has defended her work, , Cape Talk

8 June 2020 - UCT professor defends study black academics have labelled 'prejudiced', Independent Online

8 June 2020 - UCT professor Nicoli Nattrass explains why her study on why black students don't study biology is not racist, 702

9 June 2020 - 'It is epistemic violence and we stand by this' - UCT Black Academic Caucus on Nattrass commentary, News24

9 June 2020 - IN THEIR OWN WORDS | UCT furore: Nattrass talks transformation, black academics say racism remains, News24

9 June 2020 - OPINION | Professor Nicoli Nattrass: Tumult at UCT Part 1 - the challenges of transformation, News24

9 June 2020 - OPINION | UCT doesn’t take charges of racism against black academics seriously, News24

10 June 2020 - OPINION | Tumult at UCT Part 2: The dangers of allowing the thought police to take over, News24

10 June 2020 - Sparks fly over study on black students and biological sciences, University World News

10 June 2020 - Voices from 1968 support Prof Nattrass amid cries of racism, BusinessDay

10 June 2020 - Unnatural: Conservation is yet another legacy of colonialism, Mail&Guardian

11 June 2020 - Der Fall Nattrass, Politicsweb

11 June 2020 - Want to write about black people? Make very sure of your facts, TimesSelect

11 June 2020 - Awareness, intellectual humility are key to behavioural studies, HeraldLIVE

11 June 2020 - How do we fight racism when our schools are racially disintegrated?, Thought Leader

12 June 2020 - Journal announces ‘special issue of rebuttals’ amid furore over UCT professor’s article, DailyMaverick

13 June 2020 - OPINION | Academic freedom argument is red herring for racist, unethical, weak research, News24

13 June 2020 - OPINION | Nattrass research: We are black – and not offended, News24

15 June 2020 - Nicoli Nattrass: Executive's behaviour disturbing - Former UCT academics, Politicsweb

16 June 2020 - Response from the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) on the commentary by Prof Nicoli Nattrass, published in the South African Journal of Science (SAJS; Vol 116; 5/6), PsySSA

17 June 2020 - The thought police at UCT should address transformation, not pass a judgment of racism, Mail&Guardian

18 June 2020 - Psychological Society backs retraction of UCT study with ‘fatal flaws’ on black students, Independent Online

19 June 2020 - Nattrass’s article should be retracted rather than debated, Mail&Guardian

20 June 2020 - The Nattrass case and the Dangers of Ahistorical Analogy, DailyMaverick

22 June 2020 - Power at UCT: When the 'Executive' follows the BAC's lead, individuals are trampled, DailyMaverick

22 June 2020 - Come on UCT, we are bigger than this!, DailyMaverick

24 June 2020 -  Der Fall Nattrass: A reply to my critics, Politicsweb

24 June 2020 -In defence of Nicoli Nattrass: SA needs fearless debate, not a knee-jerk response to to the Twitter-sphere, DailyMaverick

24 June 2020 - Continued Problematics In Academia Today, VARSITY News

29 June 2020 - Sloppy race science or sensationalist journalism?, DailyMaverick

29 June 2020 - The stubborn stickiness of race science in SA in the 21st century, DailyMaverick

30 June 2020 -In a bid to placate politics on race UCT fails to protect academic freedom, Mail&Guardian

8 July 2020 - All we get from her UCT colleagues is a deafening silence, Business Live

15 July 2020 - SA Journal of Science publishes special issue amid outrage over ‘racist’ UCT study, Independent Online

17 July 2020 - I regret offence, not my science: race-row prof, Dispatch Live

24 July 2020 -  OPINION | Nattrass study was racist - whether black people are offended or not, News24

24 September 2020 - Can black academics be supported in toxic institutional cultures?, University World News

17 December 2020 - JONATHAN JANSEN | Want to write about black people? Make very sure of your facts, Sunday Times, republished as part of the editors’ choice edition