Quality assurance agencies: Creating a conducive environment for academic integrity

Keywords: higher education ecosystem, self-evaluation, transformational leadership, Zimbabwe


Academic integrity is a key measure of the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of higher education systems. This article explores how a quality assurance agency can foster a conducive environment for academic quality and integrity. A self-study methodology was used, with a focus on the insights and experiences of the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education over a 10-year period. The findings show that by assuming an innovative and transformational leadership role in instilling a culture of self-evaluation, as well as maintaining its own integrity, an external quality assurance agency can improve academic integrity. The article adds value to the existing knowledge by advancing the higher education ecosystem approach as an integrity-based panacea and conducive way to induce integrity to flow from all players as opposed to the use of heavy-handed regulatory approaches.


  • This article highlights the importance of academic integrity and situates quality assurance agencies as playing a central role in fostering academic integrity.
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Promoting Academic Integrity: Research Article