Guidelines for Book Reviewers

Advice to Reviewers

Reviewers are requested to bear in mind that the objectives of the book-review section are:

  • To provide a scholarly assessment of newly published books
  • To interest a general readership in this part of the literature of a subject
  • To help scientists and librarians to decide which books to buy

Book Reviews should be no longer than a 1000 words. The review should be more than an abstract of the contents. Attempt to write around the subject, personalities or ideas involved, at the same time conveying the flavour of the book and including a critical evaluation of how well the author or editors have succeeded in their task. 

Please include the following book information: book title; book cover illustration; author(s)/editor(s); ISBN (hardcover, paperback, e-version (as applicable)); publisher; city of publication; price (in original currency); and year of publication.

Reviewers should also please include a title for their review and their full contact details (name, affiliation, email and postal address).